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Apps We’re Loving Right Now


One week into summer and our once crazy, hectic routine is M.I.A. Our mornings are now lazy and unregulated. That’s okay, of course. No one is complaining. One of the kids’ favorite things to do now is revel in extra screen time.

Playing on the iPad is a treat usually withheld during school until the morning routine requirements are met: teeth, hair, clothes, breakfast, lunch-packing. But during the summer, the kids can lounge in their pajamas, sip on chocolate milk and play on Mama’s iPad.

Must be nice.

All sarcasm aside, as I poured myself my morning java, I enjoyed hearing the kids’ excited voices showing one another what they’d accomplished or discovered. It may be screen time, but it helps them interact in positive ways and those are the moments I love.

Here are today’s HOT APP picks by my eight year old and five year old:

Have you seen the trailers for this new film coming out in July called TURBO? It’s about, of all things, a snail who discovers he is fast as lightning! He is found by a man, named Tito who just happens to run a snail racing team. Cool, huh?

My daughter is currently head-over-heels for snails. We have seven in captivity at this moment. I have to say, they’re nice pets: no shedding, barking, litter boxes or vet bills. However, they are a bit odd, slimy, and not particularly willing to be petted (although my girl would argue with that).

Check out TURBO RACING. It’s a ton of fun for FREE!

The wonderful children’s book series by Mo Willems is phenomenally brought to life in this app narrated by the author. Here kids can inject their own humor into the story, Mad Libs style, following prompts by the author. The kids pick rather amusing situations which the app interjects into the story via the recorded answers by the kids themselves (which adds an air of coolness for them).

I apologize that I don’t recall the price of this app, but I know for a fact that I rarely agree to pay more than a couple of bucks. No matter, this app is an oldie and a goodie; my kids return to it time and again. So, in my opinion, it’s worth a TON of money.

I hope you all are enjoying your summer and that these new app ideas bring smiles to the faces in your house… Theirs AND yours!

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iPhone Dependency Issues

I love my iPhone.

Hands down, I find it’s the best mobile phone I have ever owned. Ever. It’s intuitive, smart, fun and takes great pictures I can upload IMMEDIATELY onto Facebook. I can even post to this blog directly from the WordPress app on my iPhone. It simplifies my life in many wonderful ways.

One of my favorite features is the Google Calendar interface. One calendar, multiple devices and multiple reminders. It keeps me on track. I have become 100% dependent on these alerts to get us out the door in the morning and get me where I need to be throughout the week.

Most of the time, it works beautifully. The kids even listen for the tell-tale sounds and say to me, “Mom! It’s time to go!”

There’s just one key: the volume on the device must be ON. (Or the device must be ON me, so I can feel it vibrate!) Here’s how I learned this valuable lesson.

Thursday night at a parent meeting I did the Socially Correct thing and muted my phone. The meeting went well. But I forgot to turn the sound back on after the meeting adjourned. “Whoops” is an understatement. Not having my phone ring all morning, would’ve been a clue. But alas, I went through most of the next day completely unaware that people were trying to reach me.

After dropping the kids at their classrooms, I got into a conversation with another mom, chatted with the principal about upcoming school functions and got caught up on a little work in the school library. I picked my boy up after his half-day was done and we surprised my girl by staying on campus to have lunch with her. Upon returning home, both he and I settled down for a little afternoon nap. I set my iPhone out on the counter, so I’d hear it… and I dozed off…

Suddenly I sat bolt upright! Shaking my head to clear my vision, I focused on the kitchen clock. 3:44?! How could this be? 3:44?!  **PANIC** My girl was dismissed at 2:50! **PANIC** I woke the boy, called the school, started the car and drove all at the same time – in one adrenaline-pumped fluid motion. **PANIC** I wasn’t crying, but I felt like it. How could I have missed dismissal? Where was my Google Calendar alert? Where was the choo-choo sounding ring tone I’d selected for these IMPORTANT alerts?! **STOP** That’s when I realized the phone was on mute. The list of missed calls and alerts covered the entire screen!

The self-loathing began right away. I thought, “I am a terrible mom. I have abandoned my first-born child at school on a Friday afternoon. I am an HOUR late!”  And you wanna know the worst part? I wasn’t in a meeting or on a business call or even ill. I was napping. Napping. Taking a nap.

Oh the shame.

Needless to say, I apologized profusely. My girl wouldn’t make eye contact with me initially. I felt like a heel. Yes, she was in good hands. Yes, they were following procedure and were moments away from the THIRD call attempt which would’ve been to her father. Can you imagine the HORROR that call would have generated?

Oh my. I think I need to go lay down.

Where’s my iPhone?

Is it on?


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