Welcome to… The answer to that question is Mama has been writing a book! Published at long last, in the final days of February 2016, The Adventures of Abigail Rose—Ida Patten’s Antebellum Doll has been released and can now fulfill its purpose of bringing history to life for readers young and old.

The book is currently available at several local museums: The Gamble Plantation Historic Site (a Florida State Park and the location of the story), The South Florida Museum, Manatee County Agriculture Museum at the Palmetto Historical Park, Manatee Village Historical Park, and DeSoto National Memorial Park. The book is also available in the gift shops at two Battle of Franklin Trust sites in Franklin, Tennessee – Carnton and the Carter House.

You can also find the book on Amazon by clicking here.

RECENT NEWS: The Manatee County School District has approved the book as part of the Fourth Grade Social Studies Curriculum which focuses on Florida History. (Pinch me!) We are currently researching avenues of funding to get a classroom set into each of the county’s 32 elementary school media centers for teachers to check out and use in their class. If you would like to help with this project, please contact me at

The most exciting part is that the other half of the book’s mission, to raise awareness of the much-needed restoration of the Patten House is working! More and more people are talking about the Patten House, a lovely yet simple Victorian home, built in front of the antebellum Gamble Mansion in Ellenton, Florida by the Patten family who purchased the Gamble Plantation after the Civil War. What began as a basic four-room cottage, grew into the two-story with wrap-around porches by 1912 and was the home of the Patten Family from 1895 until 1966.

Here is a peek at that page from my presentation:


I hope you enjoy the story and help preserve the HISTORY!


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