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Eighty-Six Four Hundred


My goodness. Where does the time go?

I’ll tell you where: Everywhere and nowhere all at once. 

I heard this recently, a mom telling me she says to her son every day, “Eighty-six, four hundred.”

My quizzical look spoke volumes. 

She explained, “There are 86,400 seconds in a day. Don’t waste a single one because they’re gone in a second.”


It’s been roughly 26,927,722 seconds since my last post on this blog. Wow. What the heck did I actually DO with each of those seconds?

I have no idea, other than these highlights:

A child of mine reached puberty early, we rescued a puppy, we won a hard-fought battle against the school district, a dear friend passed away, we traveled, I wrote (a yet-to-be-published) children’s book, my daughter grew two sizes over the summer, my son got radical orthodontry, and we celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary. 

In between there were lots of great meals, parties, fights, some illness, good news/bad news, loads of exasperating homework, and lots and lots of LOVE. 

Like the old saying: A good family is like peanut brittle. It takes a lot of sweetness to keep the nuts together. 

I will try to write here more often. But if I don’t, rest assured, I’m not wasting any of those 86,400 seconds (unless it’s on purpose).

PS. The above artwork is by Ian Barnard and was found on dribble. I didn’t ask. Hope he doesn’t mind. His work is good.

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