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Amazing One-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse


You read that right. One. Ingredient.

Well, you say, that is impossible.

And you’d be right… there really are TWO ingredients, but one is water, so technically, they can get away with it, right? And we’re talking about chocolate mousse, so we are willing to bend the rules. Aren’t we?

Tried it.

Loved it.

Will make it and AMAZE people every chance I get.

Try it.


Click the link and thank me later!

The view from Great Island: Amazing One-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse.

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Proprietary SECRETS: What’s A Mama To Do?


The ingredient list reads: sugar, stevia, natural flavor.

Okay. It’s packets of a sugar/stevia blend that I’m attempting to use in my coffee each morning to save some calories while still ENJOYING my coffee. What the heck is this natural flavor and why is it in there?

My thinking: Isn’t it sugar (which is sweet) and stevia (which is also sweet) and aren’t I adding it to stuff like coffee and tea? Why is there an additional natural flavor involved?

Of course, I have 1,238 other things I NEED to be doing while the littles are at school, but I can’t stop thinking about this mysterious natural flavor.

So, I called the 800 number.

Trish was vibrant and pleasant and sounded like a real woman I would probably be friends with if we met in a social setting. She proceeds to search for the answer to my query. As she digs deeper and deeper into her database, I joke, “Well, it must be some super secret if you’re having trouble finding it!” Her reply, “Right?!”

Finally she finds it, buried far, far below where no one has ever searched before… Because let’s face it, most people don’t even bother to READ the dag-gum label, much less question a mystery ingredient and if they do, they NEVER take the time to call and ask, “What the heck are you people putting in my food?!?!?!?”

The answer?


I was right. OMG!

It read something like this:

“The natural flavoring is a proprietary blend which meets all FDA approval.”


So Trish and I had a good laugh over the fact that I was RIGHT and that they really don’t want us to know what’s in the stuff, then she says, “May I send you some coupons for more of this product?”

I said, “Sure! And let’s hope the proprietary blend doesn’t kill us!”

And don’t get me started on that label’s last line which explains that they LIED about the calorie content! It’s rounded down to the nearest 5? What?! Can I do that when people ask me my age? Or my weight? Sheesh!


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