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Mind Games

{Another of my Esquire magazine 79-word fiction-contest rejects. Fans of 50 Shades of Grey will get the humor.}


Laura had never been shy. Not much had ever scared her, really, either. But here in this room she was petrified. What was he planning to do with these implements? The giant tube of lubricant frightened her. The metallic smell was sickening. What was on the wall… an abstract of a vagina? She stood there completely naked, as instructed. Waiting. The waiting was horrendous. The door creaked open.

“Miss Schneider? I’m Dr. James. What brings you in today?”

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Ode to Field Peas

{ESQUIRE Magazine has an annual short, short fiction contest. This year, in honor of the magazine’s 79th Anniversary, entries were limited to 79 words. Yes. Only 79 words to tell a story. Here is the first runner-up of the ones I wrote and rejected. It’s about my maternal grandmother. I miss her… And her field peas and rolls and hugs and stories and love… }


Bumping down the gravel road, a two-story dust plume at the rear, we soon pulled into Grandmother’s shady driveway. I could almost taste the field peas she knew were my favorite, simmering on the stove. There’d be hugs, kisses and “y’all look so goods”. Then we’d eat. And eat. I had no idea they’d ever struggled or were poor or that three of her boys had died as babies. All I knew was love. Here we were loved.


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