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Goodbye 12, Hello Lucky 13!


{That’s us, last week, in front of the signal mirror from the deck of the USS Enterprise, on display at our second* favorite museum, The National Naval Aviation Musuem (check it out here) It’s not the most flattering photo, I know, but Mike’s dad was a Commander on this vessel, so it’s both meaningful and FUN!}

Okay. It’s New Year’s Eve.


It’s all the rage to stop briefly on December 31st and ponder the year that’s ending. To stop and consider what went well, what sucked and how much we have changed – for better or worse. I used to love to think back on all the New Year’s Eves passed and compare: Where was I living? What kind of work was I doing? And in the years before Mike, who was I dating? (Sometimes these changes were monumental!)

But after 13 years of marriage and the addition of two kids the years now seem a muddled mess. Same house, same “job”, same unresolved resolutions. Really only the kids change now. I can’t believe this is Emily’s 9th NYE and David’s 6th. They are both old enough to kinda start understanding the idea of what a calendar year is and why we celebrate tonight’s rollover. Of course, they really don’t fully grasp the concept of time yet. And rightfully so… They just get up, eat, play, eat, make a mess, eat, bathe and sleep. (Nice work if you can get it, huh?)

But this year I want to do more with them in regard to looking back, being thankful, learning lessons and making plans to do better in the new year.

My years may seem like repetitive patterns, but theirs are just beginning to show remarkable personal changes every 12 months. The ever-expanding vocabulary, new interests, new friendships, old familiar friendships, and deeper memories!

Here’s part of my plan:

Over the next 30 days my kids, Mike, and I are taking the SendOutCards 30-Day Gratitude Challenge. Sending a card a day, for 30 days, to someone for whom we are grateful… teachers, friends, business associates, the guy who makes my latte, the folks at Publix… It’s a beautiful way to start a new year, don’t you think? If you’d like to take the challenge with us, click here or visit my website here. I think you’ll find that it’s a true win-win situation, as YOU gain immensely from showing gratitude (and only spend 62¢-a-day to do it!)

I believe the kids will learn to look at the people in their lives in a new way, by really examining the intangible gifts we receive on a daily basis, both big and small.

I sincerely hope your New Year’s Eve celebrations are joyful and safe and that your fresh start in 2013 is just the springboard you need to reach your dreams!

Happy New Year!


*Our favorite museum is our local gem, The South Florida Museum. Click here to check it out!


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