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Oh, Yes I Did!

I saw the special offer on Facebook. And there was a limited time window, of course. I decided then and there that I was worth it! I would buy this necklace from Lisa Leonard Designs {} for myself as a gift. I don’t do this very often. In fact, hardly at all. So, I justified it. Ordered it from my iPhone in the privacy of my master bedroom while my hubby and the kids were in the TV room. Within minutes the deed was done.

The confirmation email made me smile. Then came the “we’re processing your order” email, which excited me. Days later, I got the “your order has been shipped” notice and I was down right giddy!

As I pulled into the driveway this afternoon I saw the package peeking out from the mailbox. I decided I’d make it truly a gift. I left it in the mail pile for my husband. (Anticipation is so much fun!)

When he got home, exhausted and dragging through the door, he spotted the bubble mailer.

“What’s this?”

“Hand it to me.”

He did, I opened it and cheered, “Oh, thank you! Thank you! I love it!”

“When did I do this?”

“Last week when the kids and I were sick. Thanks, honey, I love you!”

And that was it.

I smell a tradition.



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